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Mine is actually too long for the chatterbox (even I typo it periodically), but I voted with "Okay, but my first choice...." instead. Despite having been known as rattusillegitimus (and other, less pseudo-latinized versions) off and on for years, I still think of myself as "corwin," the first username I grabbed once upon a time when I was a young geek first discovering the Internet. I identify so strongly with that handle that I want my tombstone to read "Dear Lord, we give you Corwin. Try not to piss him off." (apologies to the writers of City Slickers).

At any rate, to make a long story short (too late), both corwin and the shorter version of my current handle (rattus) were taken, so I made do the best I could. Perhaps if this were to happen, I might pettition to have my name changed ;)

- rattus, rambling on