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About Me

Jeff Pinyan. 7th of 8 children. Born in Waldwick, NJ. Living in Princeton, NJ with wife Kristin.

Born in November 1981. Started using Perl at age 15 or so. You do the math. A fair number of modules on CPAN.

Places of Interest

Sex, Eger!
reversing regular expressions, for fun and profit (see his web site)
Perl's Regex Engine causes me distress
why Perl's regex engine is as dumb as the character classes you feed it
really overloading the assignment operator, so that you can assign values to an object and let the class take care of the translation from native value to internal representation
Array One-Liners
randomizing (via Fisher-Yates), perfect shuffling, and cutting, each in just one sweet line of code (less than 80 characters)