in reply to Is it possible to use modules without installing them?

If you're only problem is being able to type 'make install', you can still easily use the module.

Assuming you have a shell account on the ISP, do the usual:
UPDATE: see the reply. Those steps work even better.

tar -zxvf GD-1.41.tar.gz cd GD-1.41 perl Makefile.PL make make test
(If you didn't make it this far because of missing libs, etc, you're out of luck, unless you can download and build those in your shell directory too. And yes, GD does use XS: notice the GD.xs file in the distribution.)

Now, in the top of your scripts which want to use GD, do this:

use lib '/home/neil/GD-1.41/blib/lib','/home/neil/GD-1.41/blib/arch'; use GD;
You'll see a line like this at the top of the test file, since the tests have to run without the module being installed.

BTW, use lib is like the following, but with more error-checking:

BEGIN { unshift (@INC, 'directory'); }
~ John Williams