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Re: Re: Job Market Fall '02 issues

by monkMAC (Novice)
on Sep 02, 2002 at 02:15 UTC ( #194501=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Job Market Fall '02 issues
in thread Job Market Fall '02 issues

I generally concur with what you said. I had an excellent interview in the New Haven, CT area-far from where I had hoped to settle just outside the NYC area, and in my previous career of corporate audio & video. Now I wouldn't mind taking that job at all-right now, I'm looking forward to getting out of retail-but I had my hopes to falling into a perl guru apprenticeship this summer, and I felt I had worked hard and earned it. I at least expected to do a good job of knocking on doors; I expected doors to be there to knock on! And I would prefer not to leave the area where all my friends are, where my whole life has been for 9 years. (Of course, the decision may be made for me; my family, who have offered me housing while I went back to school, are debating relocating to Boston.) Other interviewers tell me they get about 250 to 350 resumes for any ONE given job. The fact that I got an interview, with the hiring company (can't count headhunters; if you can walk they see you) is very encouraging.

It is important to stay hungry, which involves doing things that are not fun-working for poor wages and far from the city lights, for example. And I almost get a kick out of being hungry like that, because it will give me an advantage. I never took anything for granted in my life, and I never assumed even during the digital gold rush, that it would be easy. So it helps when the fight gets harder than I think I can handle. And if my tone is negative, it's only me venting.
BTW, I love hearing back from my contractor agents from the big headhunter agencies, whose only job seems to be to break our spirit. A typical conversation:
Them: So have you had any interviews?
Me: Well, I had a good interview for a company that does audio/visual. But I'm developing applications at home.
Them: Well, take the job if they offer it to you. We aren't going to have anything for you in the near future.
Not to get our hopes up or anything....

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