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You can also find me on CPAN at _. Currently I dance with the _ and _ in _. When I lived in _ I danced several _ _: _, _, and _. I also used to dance with the _ but mostly don't bother with that these days. I've done _ database work with the _ party.

Here's an example of freaky JavaS‎crip‎t. It's only fun if you look at the source. which reads thusly <img src="javas‎crip‎t:'GIF87a\5...\73'">

<img width="20" height="20" src="javas‎crip‎t:'GIF87a\5\0\5\0\302\0\0\0\377\0\77\377\77\177\377' +'\177\277\377\277\376\377\376\377\377\377\377\377' +'\377\377\377\377\54\0\0\0\0\5\0\5\0\0\3\13\10\41C' +'\333\205\221R\40\235\264\44\0\73'">