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Re: Re: Re: Returning Values from Subroutines

by mojobozo (Monk)
on Sep 06, 2002 at 16:38 UTC ( #195697=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Returning Values from Subroutines
in thread Returning Values from Subroutines

And, using the example in ignatz's reposnse, even more strokes shaved:
#!/usr/local/bin/perl print add(1,2); sub add{ return ($_[0] + $_[1]); }

Man, this is getting fun. I wish I could shave this many strokes of my discgolf game!
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Re:^4 Returning Values from Subroutines
by zigdon (Deacon) on Sep 06, 2002 at 17:48 UTC
    Well, as long as we're golfing:
    #!/usr/local/bin/perl print add(1,2); sub add{ $_[0] + $_[1]; }

    -- Dan

Re: Re: Re: Re: Returning Values from Subroutines
by blokhead (Monsignor) on Sep 06, 2002 at 17:33 UTC
    The return keyword can be omitted when it's the last line of a sub, so this will also work:
    #!/usr/local/bin/perl print add(1,2); sub add{ $_[0]+$_[1]; }
    or for that matter
    sub add{ shift+shift; }
    Update: OK, so I guess the shift() there is ambiguous. Anyway, you get the point.


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