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Paging providers typically provide several mechanisms to send pages. Here's my take:

Other links that might be helpful: I've done quite a bit of pager integration with perl, so feel free to /msg me if you need more specific info.

Good luck !

Update:This link has fairly decent information on which paging providers support SNPP, WCTP, etc. Also shows host and port names for the services.

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Re: Re: Paging in Perl
by Xaositect (Friar) on Sep 09, 2002 at 23:51 UTC
    Don't forget web interfaces, many paging companies let you send pages through a web interface like this one.
    I'd be far more messy than having a nice builtin perl module, but I suspect it wouldn't be that difficult to get the format of the form submission and write a script to send requests to it.