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Re: TWAIN Issues and Perl

by samtregar (Abbot)
on Sep 12, 2002 at 06:31 UTC ( #197152=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to TWAIN Issues and Perl

Why do you need to find a new module? You didn't mention what's wrong with the code you posted. I can't test it since I don't have a scanner, but it looks ok at a quick glance...


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Re: Re: TWAIN Issues and Perl
by newrisedesigns (Curate) on Sep 12, 2002 at 12:14 UTC

    The code posted is functional, however, when the Win32::Scanner::EZTWAIN functions are called, TWAIN opens the Image Acquire dialog for my camera (much like it would open the dialog for previewing and scanning when using a scanner), which is cumbersome and by no means automatic.

    I'd like the webcam to be automatic, taking pictures every five or ten minutes with out my intervention.

    You're welcome to try it out, if you'd like. You'll see though, that after the first few times of clicking through the TWAIN dialogs, taking pictures becomes an annoyance rather than a pleasure. :)

    John J Reiser

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