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Re: Carp; errors ala DBI

by pope (Friar)
on Sep 20, 2002 at 05:51 UTC ( #199385=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Carp; errors ala DBI
in thread Carp; errors ala DBI

Please don't use AUTOLOAD in code for distribution.

You must be kidding, don't you? :-)

At least I saw two good modules which uses AUTOLOAD very well: and matts's DBIx::AnyDBD. uses it to delay compilation of certain subs - aka lazy compilation. In DBIx::AnyDBD, AUTOLOAD "inherits" DBI's database handles methods. At a glance, this is also doable by subclassing the DBI::db package. Dunno why matts chooses the AUTOLOAD approach instead of subclassing.

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Re: Re: Carp; errors ala DBI
by rir (Vicar) on Sep 21, 2002 at 01:41 UTC
    Yes, I am serious. Update: But use the relatively new NEXT and all the problems can go away.

    AUTOLOAD is a powerful and facile tool: a beautiful thing.
    I like it a lot. So there can be overriding motives to use
    AUTOLOAD, but if possible it is to be avoided by module

    It is a name greedy pig.

    The way Perl resolves a call is:

    1. Seek routine in package.
    2. If method: seek method in base classes.
    3. Seek AUTOLOAD in package.
    4. If method: seek AUTOLOAD in base classes.

    The following code demonstrates the problem.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; package Mumma; use vars qw( $AUTOLOAD ); sub AUTOLOAD { print "$AUTOLOAD resolved to Mumma::AUTOLOAD\n"; } package Poppa; use vars qw( $AUTOLOAD ); sub AUTOLOAD { print "$AUTOLOAD resolved to Poppa::AUTOLOAD\n"; } # Baby doesn't know that Mumma & Poppa are secret AUTOLOADERs package Baby; use vars qw( @ISA $AUTOLOAD ); @ISA = qw( Poppa Mumma ); # Order is significant. sub new { bless {}, ref $_[0] || $_[0] } package main; use vars qw( $AUTOLOAD); # Baby is supposed to live in a caring universe. sub UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD { print "$AUTOLOAD resolved to UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD\n"; } my $c = Baby->new(); # first &AUTOLOAD found hides rest. $c->wants_mumma(); $c->wants_poppa(); $c->wants_universal_truth();

      Basically I agree, it can be a problem in complex class hierarchies. However:

      • We now have the lovely NEXT that allows us to write AUTOLOAD routines that gracefully decline. I would imagine that it will even be efficient once perl6 hits the streets :-)
      • I don't have an issue with AUTOLOAD as long as the module author documents it's presence.
      • It's nearly always possible to get around the problem with a bit of trivial object delegation.
      • If your code isn't OO it's not an issue

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