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Why did you stay if you weren't happy?

Well, there's no need to take him literally: you probably don't need to put a comment on each line. However, you probably do need to write a comment block for each group of lines.

Here's some recent code of mine:

# Get the Form object and collect the variable # information as submitted. my $Form = new CGI; my $Vars = $Form->Vars; # Encode apostrophes so MySQL doesn 't worry. foreach ( keys %{ $Vars } ) { $Vars->{ $_ } =~ s/'/\\'/g; }

I don't have every line commented, but the comments are frequent enough that I feel it's sufficiently documented.

This is a problem? It sounds like they loved your work and because you were working out, they wanted to add more functionality. That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Yes, they can bring anyone in to work on the script you developed. You're under contract to them, they own whatever you develop for them.

Now, if the new guy calls up asking questions, be helpful for the first 15 minutes, but after that you can suggest that your time is billable and perhaps the new guy should get the client to authorize payment for some of your time.

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