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Re: To install a module...

by moxliukas (Curate)
on Sep 27, 2002 at 14:45 UTC ( #201216=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to To install a module...

I usually get my modules via CPANPLUS, but just yesterday I found one module that I might need to rewrite for myself. Specifically it is XMLRPC module, but it requires SOAP::Lite, and XML::Simple which needs expat and so on... Too much trouble for making a simple XML-RPC call.. I'll robably end up doing it via Net::HTTP module and parse XML myself. All I need is just one XML-RPC call anyway ;)

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Re: Re: To install a module...
by BUU (Prior) on Sep 28, 2002 at 01:55 UTC
    1. Simple hardcoded xml-rpc call.
    2. Multiple hardcoded xml-rpc calls.
    3. Small parser for xml-rpc calls.
    4. Large parser.
    5. Ugly code. Replace with module.
    6. goto step 1

    --Penguin of Doubt

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