Can someone familiar with both Perl and Java comment on their virtues and vices w/respect to one another? I am just starting out on my own path of Perl enlightenment, and I don't have background in Java at all. I see plenty of job ads for Java skills, but relatively few for Perl. Having recently come of the opinion (reinforced by the wisdom accessible here at perlmonks) that there isn't much you cannot do with Perl, why does Java get the mindshare it does? Are there really things that you can only do (or only do *well*) with Java? Both Perl and Java are, basically, "interpreted" languages. (I know ... there are plenty of Java compilers ... but that really isn't in the spec of the language ... compilers are the leather seating option). Both Perl and Java applications run on a variety of platforms, with little or no change to the underlying source code. So what's the advantage? For whom? Is there an advantage of one over the other? My ignorance of both may be preventing me from seeing the essence of the difference .. I humbly ask to be enlightened.