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Greetings fellow monks,

I have a slightly interesting but extremely annoying problem: I've recently built a fairly complex Web application service for a gigantic Redmond, Washington based software company (refered to hereafter as GRWBSC). I've used various open source technologies for this service including Perl (of course), Apache, Linux, and MySQL. Upon completion, the client from GRWBSC was extremely pleased with the service.

The problem started when said client from GRWBSC had her boss look at said Web service. This boss used to figure out our technology choices. This boss then became extremely upset. I must now recode the entire service using GRWBSC-only technology. I'd rather not.

I figure that is using the "Server" line from an HTTP header to determine the server software I'm using. So my thought is: perhaps I just muck aroung with the HTTP header and call it good.

my $cgi = new CGI; print $cgi->header( -server => 'Microsoft-IIS/6.0', -server_software => 'Microsoft-IIS/6.0', -cache_control => 'private', -content_length => '31000' );

OK, this seems to work for "Server-software", but not for the actual "Server" line. It apparently gets overridden by Apache. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd be really annoyed if I had to recode this whole thing (2 months worth of work) in ASP, MSSQL, etc. Thanks.

code('Perl') || die;