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Okay, thank you both! However, neither suggestion did what I need it to do. I've figured out that the server is not going to unencode anything so the XML needs to be sent in plain text, no encoding. This works:
my $finalXML = $self->getFinalXML(); my $POST_URL = $self->getProcessingURL(); print $finalXML, "\n"; use Net::SSLeay; my ($page, $response, %reply_headers) = Net::SSLeay::post_https( '', 11800, '', Net::SSLeay::make_headers('Content-Type' => 'text/xml'), "CLRCMRC_XML=$finalXML" ); foreach my $key (keys %reply_headers) { print "$key: ", $reply_headers{$key}, "\n"; } print 'Response: ', $response, "\n"; print 'Page: ', $page, "\n";
...and it's nice because I've got my XML response in a separate variable out of gate: $page. I'd like to do the above using LWP, but I can't figure out how to send content unencoded, ie. plain text. I'm stumped.

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