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Re: Possible first post syndrome remedy

by belg4mit (Prior)
on Oct 20, 2002 at 15:04 UTC ( #206656=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Possible first post syndrome remedy

Sometimes those 3 responses are worded differently or take different approaches. In any event, I would venture that more often than not when this occurs the answer was already readily available. What's three more answers to a FAQ?

perl -wpe "s/\b;([mnst])/'$1/g"

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Re: Re: Possible first post syndrome remedy
by ignatz (Vicar) on Oct 20, 2002 at 15:48 UTC
    So true... within each response one can see a little window into the responders soul:
    Angry monk:
    site how to The Old Perl Monks FAQ What makes a bad question? Before You Post ... How (Not) To Ask A Question How to RTFM How to ask questions the smart way
    All forrest no trees monk:
    use strict or die;
    Curt monk:
    see pacopod
    I already asked that monk:
    I already asked that here.
    Too much time on his hands monk:
    Here are several wonderful nodes on the subject by our beloved brother tilly that I have found useful.
    No time on his hands monk:
    Don't reinvent the wheel, use God::Paco from the CPAN.
    Too helpful monk:
    As you see in the code below, I've rewritten your regex and incorporated a rather interesting example of the Swartzian Transform. Also, I've made it object-oriented to improve readability.
    Module monk:
    I've written a module for this that I haven't published to the CPAN yet.
    Column monk:
    I've already written a column about that.
    Benchmark monk:
    Your solution is very slow compared to Perl's native paco function:
    Benchmark: timing 10000 iterations of paco, wako... paco: 4 secs ( 3.97 usr 0.01 sys = 3.98 cpu) wako: 6 secs ( 4.97 usr 0.00 sys = 4.97 cpu)
    Einstein monk:
    my $contextual = '(?:c(?:bex|e(?:bax|vpxf?)|hff(?:vrf|l)|vff(?:\\ gnxr +|\\-gnxr|gnxr|r(?:ef|[feq])|vat|l)?)|dhvzf?|ebbg(?:r(?:ef|[eq])|vat|f +)?|f(?:bq(?:q(?:rq|vat)|f)?|chax|perj(?:rq|vat|f)?|u(?:nt(?:t(?:r(?:e +f|[qe])|vat)|f)?|vg(?:g(?:r(?:ef|[qe])|vat|l)|r(?:ef|[fqel])|vat|[fr] +)?))|g(?:heqf?|jngf?|vgf?)|jnax(?:r(?:ef|[eq])|vat|f)?|n(?:ef(?:r(?:\ +\ ubyr|\\-ubyr|ubyr|[fq])|vat|r)|ff(?:\\ ubyrf?|\\-ubyrf?|rq|ubyrf?|v +at))|o(?:ba(?:r(?:ef|[fe])|vat|r)|h(?:ttre|yy(?:\\ fuvg(?:g(?:r(?:ef| +[qe])|vat)|f)?|\\-fuvg(?:g(?:r(?:ef|[qe])|vat)|f)?|fuvg(?:g(?:r(?:ef| +[qe])|vat)|f)?))|n(?:paco|yy(?:r(?:ef|[qe])|vat|f)?)|yb(?:bql|j(?:\\ +wbof?|\\-wbof?|wbof?)))|p(?:bpx(?:\\ fhpx(?:ref?|vat)|\\-fhpx(?:ref?| +vat)|fhpx(?:ref?|vat)|f)?|enc(?:c(?:r(?:ef|[eq])|vat|l)|f)?|h(?:agf?| +z(?:vat|zvat|f)))|q(?:batf?|vpx(?:\\ urnq|\\-urnq|rq|urnq|vat|yrff|f) +?)|s(?:hpx(?:rq|vat|f)?|neg(?:r[eq]|vat|[fl])?|rygpu(?:r(?:ef|[efq])| +vat)?)|u(?:hzc(?:r(?:ef|[eq])|vat|f)?|n(?:eq[\\-\\ ]?ba|ys(?:\\ n[fe] +|\\-n[fe]|n[fe])frq))|z(?:bgure(?:\\ shpx(?:ref?|vat)|\\-shpx(?:ref?| +vat)|shpx(?:ref?|vat))|hgu(?:n(?:\\ shpx(?:ref?|vat|[nnn])|\\-shpx(?: +ref?|vat|[nnn])|shpx(?:ref?|vat|[nnn]))|re(?:\\ shpx(?:ref?|vat)|\\-s +hpx(?:ref?|vat)|shpx(?:ref?|vat)))|reqr?))';

    (UPDATE: Fixed some thread display issues. Funny how an HTML definition list looks different in a thread than as a stand alone node.)

    (UPDATE 2: Doing an XHTML version of a DL seems to fix the formatting on the different views (Thanks to Aristotle for the idea). Let me know if there are still problems. Also, how about golf monk? )


      What about Comedian monk?

      ++ BTW. :-)

      "My two cents aren't worth a dime.";

      Golf monk:
      I've shorten your code to 13 strokes perl -0777pale '$_=@F'
      Scoundrel anonymous monk:
      merlyn sucks
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