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Hi people,

Okay I think this a fairly basic concept but I promise you I have done my research prior to posting here but I'm still hopelessly lost!

I've looked at the following posts: How do I make a hash of arrays?, Making a Hash of Arrays, How do I refer to an element of a hash of arrays as an array?

I create my array with...

foreach $line (readline FNAME){ @data = split /\t/, $line; foreach $bit (@data){ $bit = removeWhiteSpace($bit); } $id_veritasHash{$count} = \@data; $count ++; }

...and I try to display the array with..

while ( ($key, @value) = each %id_veritasHash){ foreach $temp (@value){ print "$key, $temp\n"; } }

But this just gives me (well I think it is anyway) an array reference...

13, ARRAY(0x121654) 7, ARRAY(0x121654) 5, ARRAY(0x121654)

Please can someone help me here I don't understand whats wrong!

Thanks in advance