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Hi Monks!

I am trying to develop specific process of working with CVS via Perl.
Clearly, ther should not be any reason why to write it all from start, that what I thought, but starting to look for a proper resource/module gave me other results.

I think I am wrong, and there is probebly something I missed.

Here is what I found until now:
- cvsweb/cvsweb-FreeBSD/cvsweb+cvsedit - all written in Perl, but all CGI-related and not module.
Not good for me.

- VCS modules - look promising, but seems to work on a copy of the repository (I mean - you have to checkout before you start...). VCSWEB did not work properly for me anyway.
Not good for me.

- Apache::CVS - module that do similar things to cvsweb, but a module. Since it is an Apache module, I think it is not good for me.

- cvs2html - Another Perl script. Not a module.

- mod_cvs - I could not even reach its web site. What exactly is it ?

Well, Monks, I would love to get some ideas here before I start to write my own module...

And another thing - if anyone can answer me the following questions I would appriciate it:
1. Can I work with Apache::CVS modules not via Apache/HTML ? It looks like it, but I am not sure.

2. Why the hell VCS is not designed to work on the repository ?

3. Does anybody answer the task of taking the splendid cvsweb and "modulate" it ?