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RE: Username Changing

by redmist (Deacon)
on Jul 05, 2000 at 02:51 UTC ( #21066=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Username Changing

I think that this is not such a great idea. I like the idea of people being (more or less) locked into their handles. This way, their nick's carry a level of reputation and respect (or disrepute and disrespect, respectively). If you REALLY need to change your handle, create a new user.

Perhaps in the future, a system could be concocted that allows certain users to change their nick's, yet retain their rank and XP, in VERY special situations. My $.02.


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RE: RE: Username Changing
by reptile (Monk) on Jul 05, 2000 at 03:03 UTC

    Yes, I agree. Very special situations is the key. Just recently when vroom reduced the max length of user names, that was such a situation. However, I can't help but feel it would be fair to let people change their username in a limited way. If someone mistakenly chose a bad handle, and someday want to change it, they're pretty stuck. I know I change nicks on a whim and I'm not sure I'd like to be stuck with reptile forever. It's fine for now, but I've grown rather fond of 'gnulizard' (but that's going off topic).

    It's a tough question. I suppose it would be possible to keep an aka list of users when they change, so on their home node it could list a few user names they'd had before. There would have to be some way of preventing people from changing their names constantly though. So I'll just concede and say I agree, no changing usernames unless due to exceptional circumstances.

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