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Hmm .. being as I was alive to enjoy Abbey Road when it was released, I can't really identify with questions about Rap Stars. About the only one I can recall enjoying (let alone identifying) is Will Smith, at the end of Men In Black and also as his persona DJ Jazzy Jeff with Parents Just Don't Understand (a great video).

I've heard of Run-DMC and some of the other artists (TuPac, Dr. Dre), but apart from that, most Rap is beyond my musical horizon. All it brings to mind is huge attitude, guns and violence. Hmm, sort of like rock'n'roll in the 70's, I guess.

I prefer hands-off Project Managers. Tell me what to do, give me the resources to do what I know how to do, let me give you a demo every once in a while (weekly at the current job -- it's great!) and everything will be peachy.

Can't really relate that to a Rap Star. You could have asked about Spanish matadors or Australian Rules Football stars and I would have been equally baffled.

--t. alex
but my friends call me T.