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Re: Perl Design Patterns Book

by scrottie (Scribe)
on Nov 07, 2002 at 10:52 UTC ( [id://211041]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl Design Patterns Book

Wow! "Excellent!" I'm truely humbled. For posterity, I should say a few things. First, I agree with MJ Dominus strongly and try to steer clear of suggesting that anyone ever do anything that would require more typing rather than less. Second, I'm in touch with the creator of His site has been around longer and writes for a broader audiance. He suffers from a problem that I don't, though: employement. Third, suffers from a horrid lack of feedback. The few people that wander in always manage to stumble on the the pages that are merely placeholders then wander off as quickly as they came in. This is causing a serious chicken-and-egg problem where I don't want to tell anyone about it because it probably sucks really bad in a way that I can't see, but no one is going to tell me exactly how it sucks so I can improve it unless they see it. Argh! Instead of stumbling around randomly (and this goes against every web-intuitive I've developed in the last 6 years), do yourself (and me) a favor and just download the whole damn thing. Last but not least (I think?), its a Wiki. And its GNU. Its GNU-Wiki! That means its (almost) as much mine as yours in rights *and* access. Anyone can come along and edit anything. If you hate something, fix it. If you have a comment, log it. If you have hate, fix me with a comment. You get the idea. I feel like one of those street lunatics that makes such an eccentric performance that everyone goes out of their way *not* to notice him. 150 pages in, I've gotten *0* feedback before the "excellent" I just now stumbled across =)

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