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Given a string consisting of runs of chars, eg.

0 1 2 3 4 5 + 6 01234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345 +67890 my $string =' aaaa bbbbccccccccbbbb aaaabbbbbcdddddddddddddddd +dddd';

I need to iterate over the string returning, (value, startpos and length) after each iteration. So the values for the above string would be

(' ',0,4), ('a',4,4),(' ',8,4),('b',12,4),('c',16,8),('b',24,4),(' ',28,3),('a',31,4),('b',40,1)...

There is no significance in the choice of example string, each run could be of any char 0..255. Nor the lengths, the number of 4's and multiples thereof seems to be something to do with the repeat speed of my keyboard and my reaction time.

I don't really mind if that means I get an array with the values interleaved, 3 arrays with the triples spanning the arrays.

I've tried various methods, but I feel that a clever regex solution using \G and /cg in a loop would be possible and probably more efficient that most I've tried, but it escapes me. NOTE: My goal here is absolutely efficiency not keystroke golf.

I'll benchmark any and all solutions offered, what I'm really after is the regex solution if its possible and also alternative methods.

Thanks, BrowserUK

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