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I was a bit disappointed that I had to follow a certain algorithm, but at least I took a few liberties with the 2nd step (Iterate over the expression x^2 + x + p such that 0 < x < p). Oh, and there isn't a single loop, if/unless statement, or subroutine in my entire program ;)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my($p,$x)=3;p:{$x=0;x:{$_='s`.*(\\$x\\*\\*2\\+\\$x\\+\\$p).*`$1`ee'; eval"y/\\\\//d;$_";keys%_>$ARGV[0]-2?last p:(1x($_))!~/^(11+?)\1+$/x &&!exists$_{$_}?++$_{$_}:1;++$x;;$x<$p?goto x:last}$p=(sort{$b<=>$a} keys%_)[0];;goto p}$,=$";eval "@{[print=>q<2,sort{$a<=>$b}keys%_>]}"

Enjoy. (at least until BooK tops it!)