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Re: Last Script. What now?

by pg (Canon)
on Nov 23, 2002 at 06:30 UTC ( #215359=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Last Script. What now?

In my shop, no development is done in Perl, but I am using Perl all the time. What? Yes, I am using Perl almost every day. I used Perl to make small but very useful tools for myself and my teammates. Two things really contributed to my success in Perl:

  • It is such a power tool to deal with regexp, I don't see any other language can do it better;
  • The development only costs so little time, so quick, and you can even make it GUI.
Here is a list of tools I made to help me and my friends:
  • Some guys in my shop deal with IBM mainframe. It is really a pain whenever they need to make testing JCL's from production JCL's, and test something. I made a GUI tool, which FTP JCL's from mainframe, analyzing them, converting to testing JCL's, and finally FTP them back to mainframe. regexp, of course, and I also used Net::FTP and Tk.
  • We recently got some C/C++ source code from another company, and need people to understand those source code. I made a small tool to allow programmers to view their C/C++ code in a tree view. The tool analyze the C/C++ source code and visually guide them through the calling/called function chain. Again, regexp and Tk.
  • ...

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