The other day I was (very pleasantly) surprised to find the "eg" directory and accompanying files/subdirs on, get this, my department's dedicated "Visual Source Safe" server! Wahoo!

(And for those of you who don't know what the "eg" directory is, don't feel alone. It pre-dates my introduction to Perl too. I found this illuminating regarding it's source and author (or authors? I'm still not sure if Larry or Tom wrote those little proggies).)

Update: I realize that my point is often not clear at first. To demerphq's response, I must say that the content of the directory is not that important (but if you're really interested, this seems to be the same as what is on my company's server). Instead, I thought it was nicely ironic to see lightness, clarity, and openness (Perl) amid volumes of darkness (VB), confusion (ASP), and closedness (Micro$oft products/technologies in general).