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Truely, it can be done and there are many ways.

by BrowserUk (Patriarch)
on Nov 30, 2002 at 02:38 UTC ( [id://216626] : perlmeditation . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

And so it came to pass that the long-lost Paco did returneth to the fold.

Quoth he. "I thank thee verily for the XP, but truely, I wouldst have you be forthcoming with the answer to my quest"?

The response of the bretheren was swift.

First the mighty Merlyn issued forth, dispensing with the fatted calf, he gave reference to prior art and did APPROPRIATELY disclaimed.

Thence the Abigail-II did dispense wisdom. In the ancient tongue of Reg'X, on a scroll of 10, making liberal use of the art of tracking the way he'd come, and punctuated with comma's good and fat, did produce the list so desired, as a side-effect. Moreover, it was as efficient as it was incomprehensible.

Anon, and without tythe, the Tye did enscribe on a scrap so short it couldst not be scrolled, his wisdom on the aforesaid conundrum, adding, were it not for the heretic practice of misusing the comma fat, it wouldst have curtailed within four-score as enshrined in holy writ.

Presently, with much deliberation and precision, correctly oriented toward the holy Object, brother demerphq did solve the riddle. With conservation in mind and ensuring the wealth of those that should follow, the semantics, with order, he did encapsulate.

Meanwhile, he, Master of the Pod, did speak in tongues remenicent of the Nocturnal One of Unsound Mind. Translated thence, the message untwined; "The wisdom ye seek is yours to find, for in the [untranslatable] Manual t'is written".

And then brother felonious dist add to the fray. With subs anon, and Deparse eschewed, and no thought given for how his spell was viewed. No quarter given, to much applause, his opaque solution, he lent the cause.

With the calligraphic verve that marked his bespoke style, Erudil did Illuminate a manuscript to the awe of the brethren.

With ne'er another word, the Paco did go from whence he came, a hermitage unknown perhaps; Never to return.

Okay you lot, get your wings on the left, halos on the right. It's one size fits all, and "No!", you can't have a different color.
Pick up your cloud down the end and "Yes" if you get allocated a grey one they are a bit damp under foot, but someone has to get them.
Get used to the wings fast cos its an 8 hour day...unless the Govenor calls for a cyclone or hurricane, in which case 16 hour shifts are mandatory.
Just be grateful that you arrived just as the tornado season finished. Them buggers are real work.

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Re: Truely, it can be done and there are many ways.
by Jenda (Abbot) on Dec 01, 2002 at 16:32 UTC

    Oh my god. This node should have been placed in Obfuscations, not in Meditations. Reminds me of when I looked at some Shakespeare's texts only to find out I'll need ten more years to learn enough English to understand that. :-)