Okay everybody! It is time to admit what you wish to receive from Santa this year! Everybody hopes to get that something special for Christmas. Even if you are not very materialistic, perhaps you are still wanting something cool to happen over the Christmas holiday.

Did you want a brand-spanking new computer with every option imaginable already installed? Or would you prefer a giant box full of equipment so that you can build your very own super-combination? Is the only thing you want a CD with the Perl 6 installation on it? Or perhaps you want a complete library of books about Perl or computers? Perhaps you want to get a laptop so you can finally strut your stuff.

Or maybe you want some really fancy geek gadgets. Are you waiting to see if somebody has noticed you staring at in hopes of receiving a neat Mathmos Color Tumbler for show and tell, a new SoundBug to play music on any surface? Are you currently using 10 different passwords, always adding to that list? Wish yourself a Personal Password Manager to fix that problem. Does your computer constantly break down on you? Ask Santa for CyberTool 41! Are you selfish when it comes to bandwidth? Can't seem get enough of it? Demand a "will work for bandwidth" T-shirt so you can beg others for more :) Planning world domination? Take over the world by hypnotizing every human being with a controlling URGettingSleepy shirt.

Not materialistic? Then wish that your fellow monks get what they want :) Or maybe just wish that the world will one day realise the power of Perl and quiver in their boots for having mocked it! Wish for more and better web browser standards, as well as for operating systems (okay, that's wishing for a heck of a lot. We're a millienium too soon for that one). Oh yes, and don't forget the true meaning of Christmas: being with friends and family! Let your loved ones know how much you care! So I want to see some Christmas wish lists here (serious or not). See how similar you are to your fellow monks. And everybody, please have a ...

Merry Christmas!

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Re: Christmas Wishlists
by Popcorn Dave (Abbot) on Dec 02, 2002 at 06:26 UTC
    My wish would be for time. Time to do programming for myself - the things I want to do. Of course doing this from a restored and modernized 16th Century Scottish Castle with a few T-1 lines and satellite television wouldn't hurt. : )

    There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling now.

        Unfortunately, a lot of my personal Perl projects are just that at the moment. : (

        There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling now.

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Re: Christmas Wishlists
by dthacker (Deacon) on Dec 02, 2002 at 16:04 UTC
    My Christmas wishes:
    • I wish for the health and happiness of my family.
    • I wish for the continued success and health of PerlMonks and it's members.
    • I wish for interesting problems for all the Monks to solve.
    • I wish for the continued growth and success of open source software.
    • I wish more time to learn perl.
    • I wish for fewer SUV's and more hybrid cars.
    • I wish for more time to referee soccer games and the ability to better judge offsides.
    • I wish fervently that the human race becomes infected with the idea the a person is more than their race/religion/sexual preference/choice of operating system.
    • I wish that we all are able to live in peace.
    • I wish that I work and live in a way that helps my wishes come true.

    Merry Christmas!

    Code On!
Re: Christmas Wishlists
by Jenda (Abbot) on Dec 02, 2002 at 11:35 UTC

    What do I wish for Christmass? I wish it was over already. I hate this frenzy, this "everybody's happy, everybody loves everybody" hypocrisy, the miriads of people in each and every shop, the santas, the trees, the carols, the mandatory family reunions where everybody smiles at the others wishing to be somewhere else, the useless gifts, ...

    I wish everybody has the christmass he/she wants ... but without me.


      Bah humbug, says Jenda :)

      The main problem for me is how long xmas lasts -- it's in every shop by early november, there's no escape from it for almost two months. All the irksome cheerfullness would be easy to put up with if it only lasted a week or so.

      Whilst it's often felt that the extended christmas is an invention of Big Business (TM) to suck more money out of us, I suspect it's actually the fault of government -- they want something to occupy some of our grumble-capacity for a couple of months so we grumble less about them :)

      As for my xmas wishlist, it has to be hardy perennials such as -- more time, more sleep & more money.

        It's funny you should mention about how long Christmas lasts... I was making dinner tonight and there was an advert on television encouraging people to start planning for Christmas 2003... A whole 13 months away! *grumbles*

        I doubt people in the UK at least will be grumbling less about the Government, especially due to the fire strikes which are planned for most of December.

        But I will not dwell on such things and instead be cheerful and spread the Christmas spirit. So here is my X-Mas wishlist:

        • The Perl CD Bookshelf V 2.0 Becuase I have the Llama but none of the other books. :( (60.23)
        • A Black PerlMonks Mug Because I can't seem to find any available from anywhere. The Everything Development company isn't selling products anymore.
        • To spend Christmas with the one I love. (priceless.)
        Rozallin J. Thompson
        The Webmistress who doesn't hesitate to use strict;
Re: Christmas Wishlists
by tbone1 (Monsignor) on Dec 03, 2002 at 12:47 UTC
    All I want for XMas is for all the world-savers to get their own world to save. That way, they can leave the rest of us alone, since we have work to do.

    Ain't enough 'O's in 'stoopid' to describe that guy.
    - Dave "the King" Wilson