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Parrot 0.0.9 released

by sfink (Deacon)
on Dec 20, 2002 at 07:56 UTC ( #221383=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The Parrot team is proud to announce the release of Parrot version 0.0.9, code named "Nazgul". It is downloadable from CPAN. If you would like to check the latest copy out from CVS, see the instructions at

Try it out by unpacking it, then running:

perl make make test

If you would like to join in the fun, see perl6-internals. All discussion occurs on the perl6-internals mailing list. Start from for information on all Parroty things.

It's been a while since the last release, so the list of changes is quite long. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Native function calling interface
  • Stack/list aggregate rewrite (faster, more capable)
  • Scratchpads
  • Preliminary DotGNU support -- type conversion ops
  • Buffer/PMC unification
  • stabs debugging support for JIT
  • Jako overhaul
  • Optional Lea memory allocator
  • Parrot sprintf
  • Miniparrot
  • PMC Properties
  • Various JIT improvements (eg platform independence layer)
  • Extensible packfiles
  • Restructured PMC hierarchy
  • Real Scheme (with lambda!)

Parrot currently supports several nontrivial languages, and is adding features at a rapid pace. I would like to encourage everyone interested to check out the Parrot development scene. It's a friendly but focused environment, and we could always use a few more able-minded volunteers. Also, don't think you need to be some Hacker Lord in order to help out -- some of our most valuable contributors barely know C. Assistance is always appreciated in the areas of:

  • documentation
  • testing
  • support tools
  • tinderbox hosting
  • platform-dependent knowledge
  • and, of course, coding

We are in particular need of platform-specific knowledge, seeing as how we have a multiplatform JIT, a garbage collector that needs to scan processor registers (and register windows etc.), dynamic library loading, and direct native function calls.

Check out the mailing list archive or just download the code and try it out!

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Re: Parrot 0.0.9 released
by Callum (Chaplain) on Dec 20, 2002 at 17:58 UTC
    First things first -- congrats to all involved, there are a lot of very smart people working very hard to get perl6 & parrot going.

    I've had a mooch around the parrotcode website, in particular the todo list, but can't find a indication of what's expected to be in 0.0.10, in particular can we expect exception handling to appear?

      Now that Steve has 0.0.9 out, here's a list of the things I'd like us to work on specifically for 0.0.10. (This is separate from the bigger todo list, which is in progress)

      *) Proper building on extended integer and float machines (long doubles and such)
      *) Less reliance on the current perl install for larger floats and ints
      *) A big pruning of the warnings we currently get on some platforms
      *) More tests!
      *) Getting the PDDs better sync'd up with reality, and vice versa
      *) PMC/String introspection support enhanced
      *) Get ICU building and (hopefully) integrated

      If I manage to get either exceptions or objects defined, the release that has them will be 0.1.0. (When the other of the two is done we'll jump to 0.2.0)

      -- Dan --------------------------------------"it's like this"---------------- +--- Dan Sugalski even samurai have teddy bears and even teddy bears get drunk

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