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Ah. My favorite here is the snap_units() function. There was a time when I was playing around with rounding fractions of stock shares -- to the nearest 1/8 or 1/16 value -- before the exchanges I was focused upon switched to arbitrary decimal representations of stock shares.

In the CB, tye suggested the following change in snap_units() to avoid potential rounding errors:


my $factor = 1/$units;
my $factor = int( 1/$units + 0.5 );

The drawback is that for fractional cases, $units must be 1/N, where N is an integer. I'm not super clear on the potential rounding errors; nor am I clear on the potential utility of arbitrary $units. Perhaps certain people can elucidate for our edification.


P.S. For some prior discussion of this stuff, check out Fix floats like you do in your head.

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Re: Re: Math::SnapTo
by tachyon (Chancellor) on Dec 27, 2002 at 07:35 UTC

    As it happens Math::Round offers the nearest(UNITS, NUM) function that does exactly this. As the snap_basic() function is legacy dross and significant figures are handled by Math::SigFigs I have decided to delete this module as it does not offer anything not already available. This is a pity as I really liked the name. See Fix floats like you do in your head for more discussion and rationale.