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MOPT-03 - identification, part 1

by mstone (Deacon)
on Dec 27, 2002 at 02:08 UTC ( #222451=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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        If we apply operation X to a variable of type Y, 
        we get a variable of type Z.
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        X(Y) : Z
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        $GLOBAL  = "static";
        $LOCAL   = "dynamic";
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        global scope:        static,dynamic,lexical 
        evaluation context:  static,dynamic,lexical
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        sub local_scope {
            local ($LOCAL) = "-------";
        print "\n";
        print "but outside local_scope(), we still have:\n";
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        local scope:         static,-------,lexical 
        evaluation context:  static,-------,lexical 
        but outside local_scope(), we still have:
        evaluation context:  static,dynamic,lexical 
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        sub lexical_scope {
            my ($LEXICAL) = "-------";
        print "\n";
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        lexical scope:       static,dynamic,------- 
        evaluation context:  static,dynamic,DYNAMICALLY RE-BOUND VALUE 
        lexical scope:       static,dynamic,------- 
        evaluation context:  static,dynamic,lexical 
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        package Foo;
        print $Foo::VAR1, "\n";
        print $VAR1, "\n";
        print $VAR2, "\n";
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        VAR1 in package 'Foo'.
        VAR1 in package 'main'.
        VAR2 in package 'main'.
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        my $total = 0;
        for $i (1..10) {
            $total += $i;
        print $total, "\n";
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        sub sum_of {
            my ($item, @list) = @_;
            return ((defined $item) ? $item + sum_of (@list) : 0);
        print sum_of (1..10), "\n";

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