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Hello Monks,

Let me explain the situation first, unfortunately my knowledge of the project is limited. Basically there will be a web front-end to a demographic database. The user will be able to pick certain criteria, which will involve drilling down into other web pages. There is a push to use Java/Jsp's, but most of our web work has been with cgi and we use Perl on a daily basis here. So a co-worker is making an argument for using Perl, no ramp-up time. I am not a web guy, but I explained to him that with Apache::DBI, ModPerl, and Html::Mason, ....etc that he could have fast product that allows embedding perl in pages, blah blah. The one thing he is concerned about is having persistent objects(could be any data structure) that stores the user data as they go through the different pages, much like a javabean. I'm sure this has been done numerous times. I am looking for links, software that already does this, ...etc, so that I can point him in the right direction.