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Re: Considering Front Paging a Node?

by Wysardry (Pilgrim)
on Jan 19, 2003 at 14:51 UTC ( #228166=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Considering Front Paging a Node?

It's not immediately obvious to a new user that there even is a <READMORE> tag. When I first posted here, I expected the script to handle that automatically, as there was only one textarea to type into.

Perhaps the <READMORE> tag could be mentioned more prominently in the help documents and/or two textarea fields made available in the posting form (one for the "lead paragraph" or summary and one for the main text).

I'm not sure that adding the majority of posts to the front page would be a good idea, as that would also mean that posts were removed more quickly, given that there are a finite number that can be featured there.

I was under the impression that the purpose of the front page was to draw attention to the more noteworthy posts rather than ensure that everyone gets their "15 minutes of fame". The former would be more consistent with the "front page of a newspaper" analogy after all.

Yes, new users might be confused if their post isn't featured, but it would be just as confusing if it quickly "disappeared". They may not return for a day or so after they find out that their post doesn't appear instantly, by which time it may have been dropped off the bottom of the front page anyway.

I would suggest that moderators approve articles for inclusion into the most suitable sections, and the higher ranked admins feature 2 or 3 of these per day on the front page, thus keeping the front page fresh, but not excessively so.

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Re^2: Considering Front Paging a Node?
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Jan 19, 2003 at 17:03 UTC

    Our ideas about what the frontpage is supposed to be about are all well and good, but any rules for frontpaging nodes must take into account how the people who visit the frontpage actually use it - rather than how we'd like them to think of it. In that regard, tye's conclusions are certainly more in touch with reality than anyone else's.

    I'm not sure why threads dropping off the frontpage fast is a bad idea. In fact it seems like an excellent way to ensure a fairer distribution of votes - more threads get a more equal amount of exposure.

    Makeshifts last the longest.

      Well, if you raise the number of articles that appear on the front page, people are likely to use it differently. If 90% of the posts are displayed there, it basically becomes another version of Newest Nodes with extra detail added.

      The way I personally use the front page, is as a convenient way to see handpicked posts from the various sections on one page, which is ideal if I'm in a hurry. If I have more time to look around, I'll either head to a section on a specific topic, or look at Newest Nodes.

      Once I've been here a while, I may pick another section to bookmark, but currently the front page is where I stop first. I imagine that is how most of the newer users do things and as mentioned earlier in this thread, more experienced users tend not to use the front page as much.

      The reason I suggested that having items drop off the front page quicker was a bad idea (in my view) is that it goes against the principle of placing posts from new users there so they can find it more easily. If their post drops off quickly, they may not realise it was ever there, and as tye mentioned, they may post the same thing again.

      I can understand people wanting to treat everyone fairly by not hiding threads in other sections, but when they fall off the bottom of the page they become hidden, which would happen quicker if so many more posts ended up there.

      Everyone is going to have their own ideas about this though, and I'm not sure it's that easy to know how others use the front page - even by checking the traffic logs. It might be an idea to run a couple of polls on this, one on what the percentage of items should appear on the front page, and another on which page people visit first.

        The reason I suggested that having items drop off the front page quicker was a bad idea (in my view) is that it goes against the principle of placing posts from new users there so they can find it more easily.
        Ah, but tye was talking about a different thing there. He said questions should be approved quickly for their section so that new users can find them in the section they posted to.

        Makeshifts last the longest.

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