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Re: Readmore in source (reasons)

by tye (Sage)
on Jan 22, 2003 at 21:27 UTC ( [id://229136]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Readmore in source
in thread XML-style readmore not being parsed

  1. Because the easiest "solution" was to just add "readmore" to the list of approved HTML tags.
  2. Because this node contains <!-- readmore --> (here:) but contains no <readmore> tag.
  3. Because eventually we should provide a better solution that offers links like
    • "read less" (redisplay this node but with READMORE bits hidden)
    • "read more" (default thread display)
    • "read all" (redisplay this thread with all READMORE bits shown for all replies)
    • "hide replies" or otherwise adjust the replies depth to display
    • etc.
    and (we hope) have "read less" only appear if there is a <readmore> hiding in the current node.
  4. Because our nodes are rarely "valid" so only crazy people try to have them validate and a tool called "HTML Tidy" shouldn't require you to tidy up the HTML before you give it to it. q-:
We also should eventually have a [ ] readless option during Preview.

                - tye

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