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awwaiid, perhaps you didn't read any of this thread. It doesn't look like it.

Abigail's first point is invalid; what she's asking for is already covered by the current functionality of the site. Adding exactly what she was asking for would be a task for vroom that would eat away time better spent on other site problems.

I and many of the others agreed in part with the second point.

And finally: Abigail is a well-known Perl coder. I wish she were willing to give us and all the new Monks the benefit of her experience. But I and several other monks were insulted by the manner in which she made her "suggestions." She didn't read the site documentation. She refused to consider that popular opinion might disagree with her opinion. And when other monks attempted to correct her more gently, she was arrogant and abusive. It's not my job nor my responsibility to police the actions of others on this site, but I will not sit by and watch someone - no matter who they might be - be so abusive.

I fully expect to lose XP on this node. So be it. But be honest for just one moment... if some newbie named Perl_Is_My_Bitch came in and posted a node like Abigail's - would you be complaining about their treatment?

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