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Hi, thanks for the excellent reply :)

A few questions...

You said DOM isn't appropriate for general purpose XML transformation - what if I'm just extracting data into a different structure, not necessarily translating it to XHTML or whatever? Also - the LibXML documentation says "This module is an interface to the gnome libxml2 DOM parser (no SAX parser support yet), and the DOM tree." So is it still acceptable in your opinion?

One of the problems I've had in the past is extracting data from a doc with tag names that have identical names, example...

<website> <name>Perlmonks</name> <rating>10/10</name> <people> <name>Anonymous Monk</name> </people> </website>

How would I differentiate between the name inside the people tag and the website name? More of an XML question, but I'm also looking for a module that makes this really easy.

Another thing I'd like to do easily: go through the XML file and pick out certain fields and compare them between multiple entries. For example, get the name and rating of each website so I can pick out everyone with a 10. This seems like it should be trivial (as it is with SQL) but the examples I've seen so far don't always seem so simple.

Also - are there XML::Twig-liek interfaces for other languages? Thanks :)