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Compilation problems with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel after moving from IIs to *nix

by jerrygarciuh (Curate)
on Feb 10, 2003 at 17:32 UTC ( #234178=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

jerrygarciuh has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hello brethren,
A year or so back I had the displeasure of working on a IIs box for a client who wanted MS Excel spreadsheets displayed. They have finally seen the light and moved to my Unix/Apache box. After the move I changed the 2 lines of config: the location of the lib file with ParseExcel and the location of the data.xls file. I am now getting the complilation error below and I can't figure out why the args to the new() constructor for OLE::Storage_Lite would have changed at all.

Any advice greatly appreciated! Error message follows, unabridged code after readmore tag.



Not enough arguments for OLE::Storage_Lite::new at /home/agenda/local_mods/OLE/ line 887, near "IO::Scalar;" Compilation failed in require at /home/thesite/local_mods/Spreadsheet/ line 103. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /home/thesite/local_mods/Spreadsheet/ line 103. Compilation failed in require at /home/thesite/local_mods/Spreadsheet/ParseExcel/ line 4. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /home/thesite/local_mods/Spreadsheet/ParseExcel/ line 4. Compilation failed in require at line 9. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 9.
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use CGI::Carp qw/fatalsToBrowser /; use lib qw(/home/thesite/local_mods); my $file = '/home/thesite/public_html/1999.xls'; use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Simple; use CGI ':standard'; use CGI::Pretty qw( :html3 ); my $q = CGI->new(); my $top='<TABLE width="450" ><TR><TD ALIGN="LEFT"><P ALIGN="LEFT"><IMG + SRC="/images/kidscountlogo.gif" WIDTH=68 HEIGHT=100 BORDER=0 ALT="Ki +ds Count"></P></TD><TD ALIGN="CENTER"><P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="/im +ages/kidscount.gif" WIDTH=294 HEIGHT=59 BORDER=0 ALT="Kids Count!"></ +P></TD><TD ALIGN="RIGHT"><P ALIGN="RIGHT"><IMG SRC="/images/kidscount +logo.gif" WIDTH=68 HEIGHT=100 BORDER=0 ALT="Kids Count"></P></TD></TR +></TABLE></CENTER><P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT SIZE="-1"><A HREF="http://w"> Home</A><br>If connection is slow, data i +s mirrored <a href="">h +ere</a>. <br>Use the <A HREF="#foot">Select Box</A> at the bottom of +this page to choose a parish.</FONT></P><H3 ALIGN="CENTER">1999 Kids +Count Data Book on Louisiana&#039;s Children</H3>'; ##row labels not found in xl file my @r = ("Total","Under 20","Under 5","\% Children under age 18 in pov +erty","Number of children under age 18 in poverty","Median Family Inc +ome(1998)","\% Unemployed (April 1999)","\# Unemployed (April 1999)", +"FITAP (FY 1998)", "Medicaid (March 1999)","Food Stamps (November 1998)","WIC (1998)","Ch +ild Care Assistance (June 1998)","Child Care Assistance (June 1998)", +"Live Births","\% Births To Teens","\% Low Birthweight Babies","\% Wo +men Receiving<br>Adequate Prenatal Care","Infant Mortality Rate","\% +Up to Date Immunization<br>(Public Clinics 1998)","Children in custod +y under supervision<br>of Office of Youth Development","Crimes agains +t property","Crimes against persons","Abuse and neglect cases found v +alid<br>(# of children)","Physical abuse","Neglect","Sexual abuse","C +hildren in Foster Care","Registration","\$ Per Pupil Expenditure","\$ + Average Teacher Salary","Special education services","Dropouts"); my @topic_menu = ("Total # Children","Children Under 20","Children Und +er 5","\% Children in poverty","\# Children in poverty","Median Famil +y Income","\% Unemployed","\# Unemployed","Receiving FITAP","Receivin +g Medicaid","Receiving Food Stamps","Receiving WIC","Child Care Assis +tance","CCA FINDWORK","Live Births","\% Births To Teens","\% Low Birt +hweight Babies","\% Adequate Prenatal Care","Infant Mortality Rate"," +\% Immunization","Children in OYD custody","Crimes against property", +"Crimes against persons","Abuse and neglect cases","Physical abuse"," +Neglect","Sexual abuse","Children in Foster Care","# Students Registe +red","\$ Per Pupil","\$ Teacher Salary","Special education","Dropouts +"); ## format = starting_index.no_of_elements my $corner ='#6A5ACD'; my $data = '#dddddd'; my @toprow = $q->Tr({-align=>"center"}, $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$corner"},"&nbsp;" ), $q->td( b('White') ), $q->td( b('African American') ), $q->td( b('Total (All Races)') ) ); ##table titles also not in xl my @t = ("Population (1997)","Poverty (1995)","Employment and Income", +"Children Receiving:","Maternal and Child Health (1997)","Children In + Trouble (FY 1998)","Child Abuse and Neglect (FY 1998)","Public Educa +tion"); my %info; my ($firstrow, @topics); my $xls = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Simple->read($file); foreach my $sheet ($xls->sheets) { while ($sheet->has_data) { my @a = $sheet->next_row; my $b = shift(@a); if ($firstrow < 1) { #don't add topics to hash @topics = @a ; $firstrow++; } else { $info{$b} = \@a; } } } my ($i,$j,$k); #iteration control i=cell data j=row labels k=table ti +tles my @parishes = sort(keys %info); my $choice = $q->param('choice') || 'Louisiana'; my $headline; if ($choice ne 'Louisiana') { $headline = " Parish"; } if ( $q->param( 'topic' ) ) { by_topic(); } by_parish(); sub by_parish { print $q->header,start_html( {-title=>"Kids Count Data for $choice +$headline"}) , div({-align=>"center"}, $top, h2({-align=>"CENTER"},"Data for $choice$headline"), hr({ +-width=>"400"}), ), #div br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Population (1997) @toprow, parishdata_x3(),parishdata_x3(),parishdata_x3(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Poverty (1995) @toprow, parishdata_x1(),parishdata_x1(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Employment and Income @toprow, parishdata_x1(), parishdata_x1(), parishdata_x1(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Children Receiving: @toprow,parishdata_x1(), parishdata_x1(),parishdata_x3(), +parishdata_x3(), parishdata_x1(), parishdata_x1(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Maternal and Child Hea +lth (1997) @toprow, parishdata_x3(), parishdata_x3(),parishdata_x3(), parishda +ta_x3(), parishdata_x3(), parishdata_x1(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Children In Trouble (F +Y 1998) @toprow, parishdata_x3(), parishdata_x1(),parishdata_x1(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Child Abuse and Neglec +t (FY 1998) @toprow, parishdata_x3(), parishdata_x3(),parishdata_x3(), parishda +ta_x3(), parishdata_x3(), ), #table br, br, b($t[$k++]),br, table( {-width=>'600',-border=>'1'}, ##Public Education @toprow, parishdata_x3(), parishdata_x1(),parishdata_x1(), parishda +ta_x1(), parishdata_x1(), ); #table footer(); exit; } sub by_topic { my $topic = $q->param( 'topic' ); chomp $topic; my %topic_lookup = ("Total \# Children","0:0:3","Children Under 20 +","1:3:3","Children Under 5","2:6:3", "\% Children in poverty","3:9:1","\# children in poverty","4:10:1" +,"Median Family Income","5:11:1", "\% Unemployed","6:12:1","\# Unemployed","7:13:1","Receiving FITAP +","8:14:1","Receiving Medicaid", "9:15:1","Receiving Food Stamps","10:16:3","Receiving WIC","11:19: +3","Child Care Assistance", "12:22:1","CCA FINDWORK","13:23:1","Live Births","14:24:3","\% Bir +ths To Teens","15:27:3", "\% Low Birthweight Babies","16:30:3","\% Adequate Prenatal Care", +"17:33:3","Infant Mortality Rate", "18:36:3","\% Immunization","19:37:1","Children in OYD custody","2 +0:40:3","Crimes against property", "21:43:1","Crimes against persons","22:44:1","Abuse and neglect ca +ses","23:47:3","Physical abuse","24:50:3", "Neglect","25:53:3","Sexual abuse","26:56:3","Children in Foster C +are","27:59:3","\# Students Registered", "28:62:3","\$ Per Pupil","29:63:1","\$ Teacher Salary","30:64:1"," +Special education", "31:65:1","Dropouts","32:66:1"); ## format = @topic_menu_element. +starting_index_in xl.no_of_xl_elements my $display = $topic_lookup{$topic}; my @numbers = split(/:/, $display); my $heading = $numbers[0]; my $index = $numbers[1]; my $index2 = $index + 1; my $index3 = $index2 + 1; my $elements = $numbers[2]; $_ = 'Louisiana'; my @cells; if ($elements < 2) { @cells = $q->td( {-align=>'left'}, b("$topic") ). $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},"&nbsp;"). $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},"&nbsp;"). $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index]); } else { @cells = $q->td( {-align=>'left'}, b("$topic") ). $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index]). $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index2]). $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index3] ); } print $q->header,start_html( {-title=>"Kids Count Data for $topic" +}) , div({-align=>"center"}, $top, h2({-align=>"CENTER"},"$topic"), hr({-width=>"400"}), ); #div my $LA = @{$info{'Louisiana'}}[$index]; delete $info{'Louisiana'}; print $q->b("$_:"),br, table( {-border=>1,-width=>'600'}, Tr({-align=>"center"}, \@to +prow ), Tr( {-align=>'right', -bgcolor=>"$data"},\@cells ), ), br, br,b("Parish Level Data on "), h3("$topic:"); my @keys; #alpha sort @keys = sort(keys %info); my @rows; if ($elements < 2) { @rows = map { $q->Tr( {-align=>'right'}, $q->td( {-align=>'left'}, b("$_ Parish:")), $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},"&nbsp;"), $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},"&nbsp;"), $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index] ) ) } + @keys; } else { @rows = map { $q->Tr( {-align=>'right'}, $q->td( {-align=>'left'}, b("$_ Parish:") ), $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index]), $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index2]), $q->td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"},@{$info{$_}}[$index3]) ) } + @keys; } print $q->p( table( {-border=>1,-width=>'600'}, @toprow, @rows ), ); #p footer(); exit; } sub footer { print $q->p("* indicates that parish level data is not available." +), hr( {-width=>'80%',-align=>"center"}), table( {-align=>'CENTER',-width=>"600"}, Tr( {-align=>'CENTER'}, td( font( {-face=>'Arial', -size=>'3'},"Please select +a parish to view:"), start_form( {-action=>url,-name=>"by_parish"} ), popup_menu( {-name=> "choice",-values=>\@parishes, + -default=>"$choice"} ), p( submit( {-value=>"Get Data!"} ), ), end_form, ), #td td( h1("OR"), ), td( font( {-face=>'Arial', -size=>'3'},"Please select +a topic to view:"), start_form( {-action=>url,-name=>"by_topic"} ), popup_menu( {-name=> "topic", -values=>\@topic_ +menu } ), p( submit( {-value=>"Get Data!"} ), ), end_form, ), #td ), #Tr Tr({-align=>'CENTER'}, td({-colspan=>'3'}, "Another Custom CGI Script by",br, a( {-href=>""}, img( {-src +=>"/images/nola_logo.jpg", -alt=>"Got Funk?", -border=>'0'} ), ),a( {-name=>" +#foot"} ), ), #td ), ), #table end_html; } sub parishdata_x3 { Tr({-align=>"right"}, td( {-align=>"center"}, b($r[$j++]), ), td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"}, @{$info{$choice}}[$i++] ), td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"}, @{$info{$choice}}[$i++] ), td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"}, @{$info{$choice}}[$i++] ), ); } sub parishdata_x1 { Tr({-align=>"right"}, td( {-align=>"center"}, b($r[$j++]), ), td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"}, "&nbsp;"), td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"}, "&nbsp;"), td( {-bgcolor=>"$data"}, @{$info{$choice}}[$i++] ), ); }
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Re: Compilation problems with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
by jmcnamara (Monsignor) on Feb 10, 2003 at 17:59 UTC

    I was able to run your program on a Linux machine without problems. The only thing that I changed was the location of the Excel file.

    Perhaps, one of the support modules need upgrading. For comparison, here are the versions that I used:

    Module Version Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Simple 1.01 Spreadsheet::ParseExcel 0.2602 IO::Stringy 2.108 IO::Scalar 2.104 OLE::Storage_Lite 0.11


      Thanks for checking it. If it ran for you it must be a version issue. I am having this issue on Red Hat, perhaps there are older copies of the modules in the path and they are loaded before my lib. On the IIs box they were the only copies so your explanation must be correct.
      I appreciate your time!
      "The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods.
      The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.
      ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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