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Greetings wise monks,

As I search through job listings, I think about what skills I would like to use at the next leg of my career path. I love, and always start there, but when I spend time on some of the more mainstream sites, I see a great deal of postings for those who use Microsoft technologies or Java or C++. While I have some of these skills, I much prefer the components of LAMP* and other open source technologies. While pondering, I have reached a rather obvious conclusion: For there to be more jobs in LAMP, there have to be more companies using these technologies.

To bring such a phenomenon about, it seems that it will take passing the word around. The superiority of these technologies is apparent once someone has the facts. Most have heard of Linux, for instance, but news stories don't properly explain why it is catching on, or why those who use it do. I find that when I am speaking with someone about why I like Perl or Linux (or anything, for that matter), I forget to include important angles on why I do. I am a horrible salesperson, and find myself later thinking: Why didn't I mention this, or that.

I would love to have some links to web pages which do justice to each of the LAMP technologies, or perhaps as they function together, or with other technologies, or whatever. It would be nice to have some links which offer brief, hard hitting information, as well as other links which offer more details. I would like to post such links on my website to help enlighten people about LAMP (especially those in a position to select technologies for their companies and corporations.) I might someday even write up a nice summary page to help potential clients understand why I am making certain recommendations. In the spirit of CPAN, I thought I would check if someone has done this before. I am sure that I am not the first person to think of it.

So my question is, do you monks have any favorite links to share, be they articles you have found or even written yourself, which would help someone who does not use LAMP technologies (or any one of the components) to understand or better understand them, and consider using them?


* LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl