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Re: OT: Building a small home server

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 13, 2003 at 21:00 UTC ( #235110=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to OT: Building a small home server

I've always found it's better just to pay the extra 50% and get a better system. There seems to always be a sweet spot for computer hardware between price and performance. Pay more, you're just getting ripped off for minimum performance increases, pay less and your just saving a couple bucks now for limited use and often stability problems in the future. This is especially the case with motherboards and power supplies (often the most overlooked components).

What good is the 20$ you saved on the board when it dies on you? Even if the manufacturer has a decent warranty on it, your computer is out of service while it's replaced? As for the performance/price level, look at ram right now, you can buy 128mb pc133 sd-ram for 45$CDN or 256mb pc2100 ddr 266Mhz for 65$CDN (Canadian dollar is currently at about 0.65USD). Not only will the latter result in a major performance increase, but it will also be supported by newer motherboards for a longer period of time, all for 20$ extra. Processors are the same way, a 1.3Ghz Duron only costs 70$CDN (XP 1800+ around 120$CDN) it's definately worth it at these prices IMHO.

As for integrated systems video card/board/cpu, I personally see many problems with them. One being that I've traditionally found them to be very low quality, and the other being it's harder to upgrade them and when one part goes down it takes the entire system with it. Support by various operating systems can also be a problem.

I also wouldn't buy parts from a place called IDOT computers. I keep thinking it's missing an 'i' every time I see it 8^) </cheapshot>. Interesting discussion though, even if this is a Perl site.

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Re: Re: OT: Building a small home server
by tretin (Friar) on Feb 13, 2003 at 22:01 UTC
    "What good is the 20$ you saved on the board when it dies on you?"

    True enough. However in my case the problem that exists is most often that I don't HAVE the extra $20 needed to get that next name brand, or the next upgrade (whatever) so I go for that which is somewhat off the brand label, and/or a little slower than the top of the line.

    I have had some problems with pre-made "cookie cutter" pcs(you buy what they put together without having much quality control in between) in the past, but in most instances I pick one of those up because they are cheap, and I need a box to test on, what have you.

    As far as RAM prices are concerned, I've found a dealer that I like, always ships quickly, and RAM is always the cheapest possible in the market at that current time (let me tell you the RAM market fluctuates greatly, but I have been able to get my mits on a 256 stick of pc 2100, I think, DDR for around $30 USD in the past) and I can always trust the quality, so I have no problems with that whole mess.

    Usually I take a week or so to watch the market, and pick and chose what I think is the best deal, then visit my local PC supplier and see if I can't match prices there (usually I find better pricing online, but occasional mouse/keyboard sales at the superstore come in handy) so as to make the most of my money. In most cases, I have a "consultant" friend of mine who helps me assemble my next box from components and prices, and between the two of us, we can usually come up with a pretty slick deal.

    In any case, I usually plan my PC purchases for when I will
    • have money
    • not have an immediate need for an upgrade
    so as to protect myself from any unwanted personal price gouging, enacted because of fear/time constraints/frugality.

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