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RE: RE: Deep Linkage

by BBQ (Deacon)
on Jul 21, 2000 at 18:27 UTC ( #23584=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: Deep Linkage
in thread Deep Linkage

"airgut?" how creative.

I'm honestly sorry, dude! But, you must concede that you do have a rather difficult handle! I even asked the people in #perlmonks and the best they could come up with was Aigh.

I wasn't talking about legality, I was talking about morality.

So was I! I am no authority on internet law, and can't argue in that field. I was discussing morality as well!

For one thing, it is a highjacking of this site. If people want to look at the pic I posted here, they can damn well look at my home node and vroom's banner while they are at it.

Whoa! Slow down big fella!! You're trying to say that jcwren, sets up a page with vroom's consense, and its highjacking of the site? I consider jc's page to be almost an extentsion of this site! The content was exactly the same, same users, same pics, just arranged in a different manner! That is hardly highjacking! Deep linking? Perhaps, but not highjacking... Highjacking would be if I took you're pic and copied it onto my machine. Then you might have a valid point. (more on this later).

That is how I feel, and is not for you to judge.

Dude, we aren't on trial here. I have my opinion, and I am allowed to disagree with yours, just as much as you are allowed to disagree with mine. We all make use of our judgement on a daily basis, it would be hard not to judge someone else's opinion. It's part of civilized interaction. Who are you to judge what I can or can't judge? ;)

I hardly think we need to resort to name-calling.

Sorry, you lost me on that one. Care to explain?

Also, I don't know if you are aware of American copyright law, but you don't have to register something.

As I said before, I have no idea of what the american law is, and to be perfectly honest, I don't give a damn... We aren't in America, we are on the Internet. Yes, perlmonks is located within the U.S. But my machines aren't... That's why I copied your image to my server, to make a point.

I just wanted to ask you this: is all of this mess worth a picture of you at a picnic? A picture that hasn't even been altered, or isn't obscene, or offending (at least not in any way that I can see)?
Anyone who can't laugh at himself is not taking life seriously enough. -- Larry Wall

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RE: RE: RE: Deep Linkage
by Aighearach on Jul 22, 2000 at 00:33 UTC
    And now you are suggesting "Aigh" and "air-gut" are the same thing? You insult me again! Yeah, they came up with Aigh, that's what I tell people... just call me Aigh... so of course they did. My having a difficult handle does not make name-calling okay.
    Paris Sinclair    |    4a75737420416e6f74686572    |    205065726c204861636b6572
      No. That was not what I was suggesting, and I'm sorry you understood it that way. It was not my intention to instult you the first time either. Please accept my appologies, Aigh! Air-gut was not meant to be humorous, it was just the closest I could get soundex() wise...

      BTW: Any comments on the rest of the previous thread? Did any of it make sense to you? (not asking you to agree with it, but wondering if you undrestand my point of view)

      # Trust no1!

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