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As with most ignorant articles, they assume that Servlets are totally different to CGI. Well, apart from the fact that a new thread is created for each request (so your stuff stays in memory) they are inherently the same. They still talk HTTP, they still have to maintain state and they still have their own security problems (SQL injection for example).

The article would have made more sense if the person had advocated static content for reasons of insecurity of *any* web application rather than make it sound like CGI was the poor mans application platform and there was nothing secure about it.

The only rose in the pile of compost:
CGI, for all its flaws, works, and works pretty darn well if done care +fully.
Still, I guess ignorance is a point of view.


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Re: Re: Ignorant Article
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 18, 2003 at 16:29 UTC
    Simon, note that Servlets are covered on a different page in that article. But I agree with you that Servlets are quite similar in many ways to CGI, yet do have important differences and within the context of J2EE are much different.

    - Selena Sol