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Re: Re: Re: Teach him a lesson with facts

by pg (Canon)
on Feb 23, 2003 at 20:59 UTC ( #237944=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Teach him a lesson with facts
in thread Teach him a lesson with facts

Read this post and all the follow ups, although I don't agree with adrianh word by word (and there is no need), those are good posts. Other posts in this sub-tree are also very interesting.

Those posts actually made me think what is the major diffence between Perl OO and Java OO.

Of course there are lots of differences, but at this moment, if you ask me to pick only one difference, I would say:
  1. In Java, everything is OO.
  2. In Perl, OO is a feature. This makes Perl more powerful than Java in a way.
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Re^4: Teach him a lesson with facts
by adrianh (Chancellor) on Feb 23, 2003 at 21:25 UTC

    I would be so worried if anybody agreed with me word for word - I spend so much time talking nonsense :-)

    Those posts actually made me think what is the major diffence between Perl OO and Java OO.

    Interesting question. For me the major differences would be:

    • Perl supports multiple-inheritance of implementation.
    • Java supports private methods and attributes as native language features.

    The static vs dynamic typing also raises issues that affect OO. For example, in Perl we can trivially make containers for any object. In Java this is harder. The addition of generic classes (or whatever they're calling them) in the next Java version should make this a lot easier tho'.

    1. In Java, everything is OO

    Depends on your definition of everything ;-) It has a bunch of types included for efficiency reasons that aren't "objects". This can mean tedious transformations of ints to Integers, booleans to Booleans, etc.

      Right, all those prime types are not OO. (I really like the fact that Java supports "byte" type)


      For more blahblah...I am thinking

      It is not just the differeces between java and Perl, or c and perl... It is actually a generic point, which splits people's thought, even one person's thought, that is whether you want to make things more strict or more flexiable.

      I would expect things going zig-zag through out the IT history, the past and the future: when it becomes too strict, people would start to add more flexibility, and when it is too flexiable, start to make things more strict.

      Nothing really wrong with either school of thought.

      Nice chat.

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