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by bakunin (Scribe)
on Mar 06, 2003 at 04:13 UTC ( #240802=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

A Perl success story... As of May 2004 I started to hack the Ming-C dynamic SWF Output Library. Before this date, I had written a complex Perl wrapper around the Perl XS wrappers of Ming. Well, everything worked, if you ask me the programming tool I created on top of Ming-Perl is stronger than Macromedia Flash IDE.

Well, the programming was ugly though. Not elegant. In the original C library we had queues of, for example, shapes in a movie. But in the perl wrappers there was no access to these queues and stacks. So I just created those with Perl. Call it pragmatism. Who is going to improve his C and then write XS??

Then again... Perl came to the rescue with her mighty API along with Inline::C. Then PM for giving advices such as

</code> ## -----------------------------------------------------
SWFMovie movie = newSWFMovie();
SV* rv; HV* stash;
HV* thv = (HV*)sv_2mortal((SV*)newHV());
SV* sv = newSViv((IV)movie);
sv_magic((SV*)thv, sv,PERL_MAGIC_ext , "Movie", 5);

rv = newRV((SV*)thv);
stash = gv_stashpv("SWFMing::Movie", 1);
return sv_bless(rv, stash);
## ------------------------------------------------------

Indeed, what a magic!!

Perl6 is awaited impatiently...

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