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Re: Use Perl with toad

by ignatz (Vicar)
on Mar 08, 2003 at 04:43 UTC ( #241334=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Use Perl with toad

I'm not sure what the need for Toad is. Doesn't the use of such a tool greatly restrict the usefulness of testing since it isn't automated. What is Toad bringing you that can't just as easily be done with direct DBI connections and if need be ` interaction with SQL*Plus? Toad's strength is as a GUI tool for a user to interact with Oracle. Scripting... now that's SQL*Plus' turf. I'd look into DBI::Oracle and one of Perl's testing frameworks... Test::Unit being my weapon of choice.

Also... Where's the pod?

AFTERTHOUGHT: The fact that you've gotten Toad to work means that DBI::Oracle can as well, cutting out the middleman.


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Re: Re: Use Perl with toad
by pg (Canon) on Mar 08, 2003 at 05:08 UTC
    Obviously you are right about DBI::Oracle, however, as I said in my original post, my first priority is to spend the least development effort, and that's how this was invented.

    This idea does provide people with rapid development experience, but I expressly mentioned in my original post that this is for "under certain circumstances". Those certain circumstances are:
    1. Not much effort to spend,
    2. and the scripts are not expected to be heavily used/reused although they could be really useful when it is used.

    To use sqlplus, that was also one of the solution I had, I will see whether I have Perl on that AIX, if yes, I will try this out next week. This also does not cost much effort, but it would really depends on whether Perl is there. In a corporate environment, you know, I cannot go and install whatever I want, it just does not work in that way.

    POD ... Hm, as it is not a module, and mostly for my own use (I want to share the idea with everyone, but the exact code is not much useful to other people, others here may reuse my idea, but nobody would need my code as it is.), well, no execuse ;-) I think I should explain more about how it works, let me add some comments/operation sequence to the original code.

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