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Well I have a chunk of code that I didn't write: (endline) setenv RAP_WP_TOP_DIR /jdev/morse/shared (endline) setenv WP_DEFAULT_CONFIG_DIR /jdev/morse/shared/config/wp_default (endline) setenv WP_LC_CONFIG_DIR /jdev/morse/shared/config/jnu_lc (endline) setenv WP_ND_CONFIG_DIR /jdev/morse/shared/config/jnu_nd (endline) setenv WP_SD_CONFIG_DIR /jdev/morse/shared/config/jnu_sd (endline) (endline) I can only assume from the context that this is similar to a filehandle and that these "filehandles" can be passed between diffent scripts. I have three questions: One... Is this assumption correct? Two... If so, what kind of rules regulate it's use? In other words, what do I have to do to let these other scripts see it? Three.. If my assumption is incorrect, what is this all about? Thanks, Pearte PS- I checked two O'Reilly's, no dice. PPS- I would love to know who to format text in this silly box.