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I have written a mod_perl handler that cooperates with the standard module mod_usertrack to look after cookies on the browser.

My handler lets mod_usertrack take care of putting the cookies out as required. To be able to get at the cookie value on the first request (ie when the cookie is going out for the first time) my module looks at $r->notes('cookie'), which is where apache puts the value.

My problem is that mod_usertrack runs at the fixup stage, which is when I want to run my handler as well. However as my handler takes precedence it is run first and so cannot get the cookie value. If I run it at the content stage all is fine.

Question: How can I make mod_usertrack run before my handler, or do I have to run my handler as a content handler rather than a fixup handler? Indeed if I wanted to access the cookie value from an even earlier handler how could that be done? The problem really is getting the value of the cookie on the way out for the first time, otherwise it is trivial.

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