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From the Junior Sysadmin Dept:

For the first time I'm trying to set up Apache::Template on a server (httpd 1.3.17 on Solaris) and the output from them templates is including some wacky extra characters:

## /usr/local/www/docroot/simple.tt2 line 1 : [% INCLUDE simpletop.tt2 + %] ## <html><head><title>Simple</title></head><body> <h2>yadayadayada</h2> ## /usr/local/www/docroot/simple.tt2 line 4 : [% PERL %] ## Fri Mar 14 13:13:24 2003<br> ## /usr/local/www/docroot/simple.tt2 line 11 : [% INCLUDE simplebottom +.tt2 %] ## </body></html>
Here are the templates:


[% INCLUDE simpletop.tt2 %] <h2>yadayadayada</h2> [% PERL %] print scalar localtime; print '<br>'; [% END %] [% INCLUDE simplebottom.tt2 %]
<html><head> <title>Simple</title></head><body>
</body> </html>
from httpd.conf
PerlModule Apache::Template TT2EvalPerl On TT2LoadPerl On TT2Recursion On TT2Debug On TT2Headers all TT2Params all TT2Trim On TT2CacheSize 64 TT2CompileDir /tmp/tt2 TT2CompileExt .ttc #TT2PreProcess config.tt2 TT2IncludePath /usr/local/www/inc/tt2 <Files *.tt2> SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler Apache::Template </Files> Alias /tt2 "/usr/local/www/inc/tt2" <Location "/tt2"> SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler Apache::Template </Location>
Any clues on how I can get this sucka to work?