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Should there be a book titled "How-To be a Perl Monk" ?

by shirkdog_perl (Beadle)
on Mar 18, 2003 at 15:05 UTC ( #244006=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Tell me, fellow monks, if this has ever happened to you...

I found myself rushing out the door, with my laptop. Then as I get on the train, I begin to work on my script which is just working with directories. I was missing a piece of information about the proper way to stat the modtime of a file. I was looking on my Perl CD Bookshelf CD and could not find it. I then realized this information was in a great tutorial in our very Monastery.

I feel that just like the Perl Journal has a book of code examples and good articles, there should be a good book about the Wonderful Goings-On in the Monastery.

I look forward to information that may point to a more CONCISE overview of all of the information found in these hallowed walls. I, myself, today will be using HTTRACK to download all of the Tutorials to HTML files on my local workstation so I can take them with me

Look forward to hearing from you all
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Re: Should there be a book titled "How-To be a Perl Monk" ?
by zakb (Pilgrim) on Mar 18, 2003 at 15:10 UTC

    perldoc -f stat

    should be available on most, if not all, installations.

    Or am I missing something :) ?

      Or am I missing something :) ?
      Where's the love?
      shell> perldoc -f stat | tail S_ISBLK($mode) S_ISCHR($mode) S_ISFIFO($mode) S_ISSOCK($mode) # No direct -X operator counterpart, but for the first one # the -g operator is often equivalent. The ENFMT stands for # record flocking enforcement, a platform-dependent feature. S_ISENFMT($mode) S_ISWHT($mode) See your native chmod(2) and stat(2) documentation for more details about the S_* constants.
      perldoc would like to remind the perl user that it loves
      each and every one of you!




        To be fair, shirkdog_perl has a point. The tutorials do have some very useful information.

        Perhaps HTML versions of the tutorials should be generated on a nightly or weekly basis and made available as a zip or tar.gz file. Might save some bandwidth?

        shirkdog, you may also want to invest in the Perl Cookbook, it has many useful snippets.

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        *snif* My perldoc doesn't love me. (I'm missing that last line...)

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