in reply to capturing STDERR within a script

My favorite way of doing this is to use Filter::Handle. The following snippet that should do what you want (that is, send all STDERR output to an array called @errors).
#!/use/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Filter::Handle qw(subs); my @errors; #global to hold the output of STDERR sub filter_errors { #sub for Filter::Handle #copies everything sent to STDERR to global @errors #and then sends it on to STDERR local $_ = "@_"; push @errors, $_; $_; } #set up the filtering with Filter::Handle Filter \*STDERR, \&filter_errors; #test it print "Hello world\n"; print STDERR "This is my first error\n"; print "Goodbye world\n"; print STDERR "This is my second and final error\n"; UnFilter \*STDERR; #unfilter the output now that we're done if (@errors) { print "I got the following errors:\n"; print " $_" foreach (@errors); }