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RE: RE: A minor epiphany with grep and map

by ase (Monk)
on Jul 27, 2000 at 13:31 UTC ( #24649=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    The Arrow Operator
    ``->'' is an infix dereference operator, just as it is in C 
    and C++. If the right side is either a [...], {...}, or a 
    (...) subscript,
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    then the left side must be either a hard or symbolic 
    reference to an array, a hash, or a subroutine respectively.
    (Or technically speaking, alocation capable of holding a 
    subroutine reference, and the left side must be either an 
    object (a blessed reference) or a class name (that is, a 
    package name). See the perlobj manpage.

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