in reply to Text::CSV_XS -- Bug or wrong usage?

I thought i would post an example of tilly's Text::xSV, but i am not sure that i am actually escaping the slashes like you want. Oh well, i'll post it anyway in hopes that someone can help correct it if it is indeed incorrect. ;)
use strict; use warnings; use Text::xSV; my $csv = Text::xSV->new( sep => ':', fh => *DATA, filter => sub {($_ = shift) =~ s/\\{2}/\\/g;$_} ); $csv->bind_fields(qw(foo bar baz qux)); while ($csv->get_row()) { print $csv->extract('qux'), "\n"; } __DATA__ 0005:A:A2:\\\\string 04\\\\ 0005:A:A2:\\\string 04\\\\ 0005:A:A2:\\string 04\\\\ 0005:A:A2:\string 04\\\\
When run, this script outputs:

\\string 04\\
\\string 04\\
\string 04\\
\string 04\\


(the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)