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And if the OP wanted to copy files between two interconnected hosts without a connection to any other machine, not even a coffee-maker:
do not suggest the usage of rsh, rcp, remote-without-encrypted-ssl-or-ssh-tool-of-your-choice to anybody, because if they get used to these, they may use them without thinking in circumstances where they don't want to.

Use ssh, scp, rsync -e ssh, CVS_RSH=ssh, ...for whatever intermachine communication involving authentication you have, just to get used to it and do it automatically when it's important.

I know this is kind of over-zealous, but it's like driving drunk: I don't care about the mischief of a drunken driver (as long as we're not befriended :-), but I care for the poeple dying in an accident because of the driver being drunk.
I don't care for machines taken over because there admins not performing well enough to protect there machines reasonably, but the machines DoSed from this machine (and a lot of others) could be mine, and I don't like that!

I hope I could make my point without turning into a complete a#@hole; just remember that I'm not a native english-speaker, and to use encrypted connections!